200/366 • 200 Degrees

200/366 ● 200 Degrees

OK, so more like 180º but close enough in honour of day 200! Took me a while to stitch this together. 10 separate shots in total, all handheld. Really should get on of those panorama tripod heads, am sure it would make life much easier. The final image is almost 20,000 pixels wide. A double rainbow, beautiful blue/white sky on the left and menacing, dark storm clouds on the right, Had to panorama this scene.

Its better viewed large, so I'll take the opportunity (and the fact that its day 200) to point you all to my brand new website. www.shenickisland.com . Being part of 365 has made this possible so thanks to everyone for all your support so far! Please do stop by, have a look around and let me know what you think. Its still a work in progress so excuse any small issues, whilst I squash bugs etc. You can get my contact details over there as well so get in touch if you have any suggestions/comments or just to say hi...