207/366 • Low Tide Ramblings

207/366 • Low Tide


I recently hit day 200, which to me was a big deal as I never stick to anything! Between that, work and finishing my website I've been a little burned out, photographically speaking, recently and its been a while since I've had that "ok, now this is cool!" feeling immediately after reviewing the image on the back of the camera. In fact, this is maybe the 4th or 5th time ever ('ever' being the last 7 months by the way, for those joining my project recently). I've been in this spot many, many times, but its only on that rare occasion when everything comes together for you. I think seascapes provide an extra challenge as you are at the mercy of the light, the tide, the clouds. You need all these things to play nice, at the same time, which trust me, for those who don't live near the sea, doesn't happen very often. I ended up guessing the exposure as I forgot my watch (again) but I think I'm starting to get a feel for these things. Yes, I ended up with wet feet and a 'high water line' just below the knees on my jeans but I think it was worth it. Next time I'll be better prepared, a watch and some boots... Anyway, I'll stop rambling now...